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Are you being criminally investigated by a law enforcement agency or have you been charged with a drug offense or other crime in Houston as an Arabic-speaking individual? Being involved in the criminal justice system can be an intimidating and confusing experience, most especially if you have never been faced with such a legal problem before. Having an experienced and highly qualified Arabic attorney by your side throughout the legal process can go a long ways in alleviating the stress, confusion, and fears you may have about what to expect, how to precede, and the consequences you may be facing.

At the Khawaja Law Firm, Attorney Ibrahim Khawaja provides comprehensive legal services to the Arabic community in the greater Houston area. Our firm handles all types of criminal defense, with a special emphasis on drug offenses. If you have been accused of a crime involving the possession, manufacturing / distribution or drug trafficking of an illegal drug or controlled substance, you should contact the firm to arrange for a free, initial consultation in Arabic to discuss your case.

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Whether your case involves illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy, codeine, heroin, methamphetamines, the illegal possession of prescription drugs, or other narcotics, you will find aggressive and skilled legal representation geared at achieving the best possible outcome for your case. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will investigate all of the factors involved in your investigation or arrest, including any possible illegal search and seizure violations on the part of law enforcement. Attorney Khawaja will give your case the personal attention you deserve, to ensure you understand the charges brought against you and your legal defense options. Do not trust your case in the hands of a public defender; enlist the caring support of our team.

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