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Being charged with a criminal offense can be one of the most frightening experiences in anyone's life, and if you find yourself in this position you need to take swift action to defend your rights. This is a crucial moment, when you have an opportunity to clear your name or face the potential for serious penalties.

Your case will receive individual attention from the Sugar Land criminal defense attorney at Khawaja Law Firm PLLC, instead of being delegated to an assistant or a paralegal. We handle all criminal matters, and we will fight tirelessly to defend you from a conviction for such offenses as:

You need to speak with an aggressive attorney from our firm who can advise you of the best strategy for fighting the charges and represent you in court. The prosecution will take any opportunity to build the evidence against you, so it is vital to secure legal counsel as soon as you have been charged.

Contact Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC if you have been accused of a crime and want to take measures to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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