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Under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, every citizen is guaranteed certain rights regarding illegal search and seizure. This means that you may not be unreasonably intruded upon, at your home, business, or other property, by law enforcement officers.

Search and seizure of your person, your vehicle, and property may only be conducted under limited circumstances and after specific procedures have taken place by law enforcement to gain access. This protection extends to police officers stopping you on the street, to arrests, to searching your clothes, handbag, luggage, hotel room, apartment, the trunk of your car, or your business.

Fight to have the evidence thrown out and your charges dropped!

In any drug case, if you have been subjected to an illegal search and seizure by law enforcement in which unlawfully seized items are being used as evidence against you, powerful representation must be retained immediately to move that the evidence by thrown out in the court.

You are protected against illegal search and seizure in such circumstances as being pulled over for a minor traffic offense, having your car or other property confiscated, or having police officers enter your home or business to arrest you. Without a valid search warrant, arrest warrant, or probable cause that you have committed a crime, law enforcement cannot search or seize your property.

What to Do If You are a Victim of Illegal Search and Seizure

As the accused, your first action should be to enlist professional legal representation from an experienced and skilled Sugar Land criminal attorney. At the Khawaja Law Firm PLLC , our talented team is well-versed in the laws and procedures involved in drug cases, illegal search and seizure, and all other legal factors pertinent to this practice area.

We will thoroughly review your case to determine if any unlawful actions were taken by law enforcement and to uncover any other flaws, weaknesses, or inconsistencies in the prosecutor's case against you. Contact our firm for powerful defense against illegal search and seizure in Harris or Fort Bend County.

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