Marijuana Crimes in Sugar Land

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There are a number of illegal actions associated with marijuana. An individual might be accused of possessing marijuana for his or her own personal use, or the person be accused running a large-scale illegal marijuana growing operation. The penalties given for a marijuana-related offense in Texas will depend on the type of crime that was committed, as well how much of the drug was involved in the crime.

At Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC, our Houston criminal defense attorney knows how to deal with all types of criminal allegations, whether they are at the misdemeanor level of the felony level. The state of Texas has tough laws on marijuana use—it does not even allow use of marijuana for medical purposes. For this reason, it is vital that you immediately obtain strong legal counsel when you are facing allegations of a marijuana-related drug crime.

Types of Marijuana Crimes

Have you been arrested for marijuana possession? What about possession of medical marijuana? Have you been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana? These are just a few of the many types of marijuana crimes that individuals can be arrested for and charged with in the state of Texas. Here is a more thorough list:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia related to marijuana
  • Delivery of drug paraphernalia related to marijuana
  • Marijuana possession
  • Medical marijuana possession
  • Marijuana possession with intent to sell
  • Delivery of marijuana
  • Delivery of marijuana to a child
  • Marijuana cultivation
  • Marijuana trafficking

While possession of marijuana and medical marijuana can still lead to very serious penalties, these offenses tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum of severity when it comes to sentencing. Possession and delivery of drug paraphernalia that is used for marijuana is also on the lower end of the sentencing spectrum. On the other hand, crimes that involve the distribution of marijuana to others, especially when in large quantities, tend to result in the most severe penalties. Marijuana trafficking is usually prosecuted at the federal level when it involves the smuggling or transportation of the drug across state or international borders.

Securing a Strong Line of Defense

There are many ways to fight charges for marijuana crimes. With the help of a competent defense lawyer, it might be possible to completely avoid conviction. When that is not possible, there might at least be an option to obtain reduced charges, such as reducing charges for marijuana possession with intent to sell to charges for simple marijuana possession. Contact Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC for high-quality defense, regardless of the types of marijuana charges you are facing. We want to provide you with the criminal defense you need to better protect your future!

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