Possession, Manufacturing & Trafficking Illegal Drugs

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In Texas, under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, it is a crime to possess, manufacture, distribute, or traffic in controlled substances or illegal drugs. These drugs include marijuana, cocaine, opium, heroin, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, PCP, barbiturates, amphetamines, methamphetamines, Ecstasy, LSD, mescaline, steroids, and more. These drugs are listed in a federal Schedule based on their addictiveness and potential risk of abuse.

Under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, penalties for convictions of drug crimes are determined by their category in the Act, which contains 5 penalty groups, as well as by the amount of drugs found, whether minors were involved in the offense, and the prior criminal history of the accused.

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If you are facing any type of drug offense or if you believe you are being investigated for illegal drug activity, you should immediately contact the talented Sugar Land defense attorney at the Khawaja Law Firm for a free, initial consultation. Our criminal defense firm maintains a special focus on defending those accused of drug offenses in Harris County, and we are prepared to fight for your rights and interests.

Being convicted of a drug crime can result in serious and life-altering consequences. Even a simple possession charge of marijuana can result in jail time, fines, and a criminal record. Any drug possession conviction carries a 6-month suspension of your driver's license as well as other penalties. Beyond this, your vehicle and other property where it is suspected that you may be concealing drugs may be seized under a civil asset forfeiture law.

Understanding Texas Drug Offenses

Besides possession, distribution, manufacture, and trafficking of drugs, it is also a crime in our state to possess drug paraphernalia. Under our state's law, you may face a separate and additional criminal charge for possessing pipes, bongs, scales, or any other devices or equipment used for drugs. Drug crimes also include drug possession with the intent to sell, importation, transportation, cultivation, conspiracy, possession of chemicals used in drug manufacturing, and illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Depending on the nature of the offense, penalties range from 180 days in jail up to 99 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. In any drug offense charges, you will need a seasoned and aggressive defense attorney in your corner as soon as possible. Attorney Khawaja has handled hundreds of drug crime cases and has a successful track record in doing so. Contact us today for the aggressive defense you need!

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