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Defense for Violent Crime Charges in Texas

A violent offense is one in which an individual uses physical force to inflict bodily injury upon the alleged victim or threatens physical force in order to incite compliance. The state harshly prosecutes crimes of this nature, and the charges may be increased if the offense involves the use of a dangerous weapon.

Although these charges can encompass a wide variety of circumstances, the penalties of conviction in Texas are nearly always extreme and can seriously affect the individual's life. With a criminal record that includes a conviction for a violent offense, a person may find that their relationships suffer and their ability to gain employment or housing will be severely limited.

Examples of Violent Offenses

You could be charged with this type of offense in a number of situations, including:

Due to the nature of violent crimes, conviction most often results in severe penalties. If you are found guilty of such an offense, you could be sentenced to consequences like lengthy incarceration in a county jail or state prison, heavy fines, restitution to the alleged victims, court-ordered counseling, parole, and mandatory registration as sex offender (if convicted of a sex crime).

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