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Understanding Texas Assault Charges

If you are facing assault charges in Fort Bend County, contact a skilled Sugar Land criminal attorney at Khawaja Law Firm PLLC for legal advice. We are an established criminal defense firm that can provide the seasoned counsel and representation you will need. The crime of assault involves physically harming another individual, or threatening to harm someone. You can also be charged with assault if you have physical contact with another person that they find offensive, and this offense is often in addition to battery charges.

When is assault a felony offense?

If a deadly weapon is used in the commission of the assault, or the assault results in severe bodily harm, it is likely that you will be charged with aggravated assault, which is a felony offense. A simple assault can also be charged as a felony if the alleged victim was a:

  • Security guard
  • Police
  • Public servant
  • Informant
  • Emergency service worker
  • Government contractor

Because the prosecution will do whatever it can to achieve a guilty verdict in an assault case, vigorous representation will be essential when trying to avoid a conviction. Our firm will fight the prosecution's case every step of the way, and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome to your case.

Enlist Skilled Defense for Your Case

You do not have to have physical contact with a person to be charged with assault. Simply threatening the person with harm can result in an assault arrest. We know what actions the prosecution will take when seeking a conviction in an assault case, and will use our knowledge and experience to build a tough defense. Ibrahim Khawaja was a rising star in the Harris County District Attorney's office before launching his own firm.

His litigation skills resulted in promotions from misdemeanor to federal cases, and ultimately chief prosecutor in the county's criminal court of law. He uses his considerable legal experience when building a client's defense and can be counted on for dedicated legal representation. Contact Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC to retain powerful defense if you were arrested for assault in Sugar Land, Texas.

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