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Beasley Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges, you should act fast and find the best possible defense lawyer to help you fight back. The city area is constantly patrolled by law enforcement that has been given the task of maintaining their record and keeping the crime rate down. Although they have been effective in achieving this objective, they continue to be exceptionally vigilant, and to file arrest those who are alleged to have been driving drunk, or are engaged in theft, violent crimes, sex crimes and internet or white collar crimes. If law enforcement has identified you as a person of interest in a criminal case, or you have already been charged, you need help fast.

Fighting Criminal Charges

There is a great deal of attention by the police and law enforcement to arrest, charge and convict any person engaged in criminal activities in the Beasley area. You are up against the almost unlimited resources of the state when you are arrested, including investigators, labs, prosecuting attorneys and other support staff. It is imperative that you have representation from a dedicated lawyer with access to the best experts to support your defense case.

At the Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC, we have outstanding credentials and experience to bring to the table for you, whether you are facing a first time DWI, have multiple convictions or are accused of a serious felony crime. Your criminal defense, how it is presented, the work and attention to detail in crafting the case can all be significant factors in the final outcome of your case.

The Importance of Experienced Representation

You cannot expect that you will walk free just because you are innocent; there are many people serving time in the state today that did not commit the crime. In many cases, an innocent person is charged and then urged to take a plea deal by their attorney. We are advocates for justice for our clients. We protect their rights and we fight for their freedom, both in and out of court, and at every hearing, and every appearance. We are relentless in our approach to defense law. You need to have our team on your side.

Our lead attorney has an impressive background that could be of great value to you in your case. He formerly served as a prosecuting attorney, and made his way up the ranks quickly, finally serving as the Chief Prosecutor of County Criminal Court at Law #6. Having worked on literally thousands of cases, there are few criminal attorneys in the area with the insight and experience of Ibrahim Khawaja. You must have a highly qualified and talented trial lawyer if you are facing charges in any violent crime; whether you are facing criminal accusations of assault, battery, domestic violence or are a person of interest in a manslaughter or murder case, you can expect that the full force of the District Attorney's office will be brought to bear upon your case.

Were you arrested for a drug offense?

We defend all types of drug crimes and are often called upon to represent individuals who are facing charges in a case involving controlled substances such as cocaine, codeine, ecstasy, marijuana, or to defend cases of illegal possession of prescription drugs. Whether your case involves misdemeanor or felony possession, manufacturing & drug trafficking or other drug crime, you must have the evidence against you analyzed by our firm. It is possible that you are a victim of illegal search & seizure or that there were other law enforcement errors that could open the door to either a case dismissal or reasonable doubt. Unreliable witnesses, problems with the chain of custody of evidence, lab errors and other defense options should be explored as early as possible for the benefit of your defense case. Call us immediately if you have been arrested and charge. Exercise your right to remain silent and wait until we arrive to protect you from questions that could damage your defense case.

Protect your rights!

If you are charged with internet crimes, have a son or daughter facing charges in juvenile crimes, or there are accusations that you were involved in sex crimes such as sexual assault or rape, child pornography possession or distribution or theft crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, carjacking or other misdemeanor or felony theft, you can expect to be held in custody and it can be a very frightening and difficult situation for both you and your family. Don't go to court without your defense lawyer from the Khawaja Law Firm at your side, whether at your arraignment, pre-trial hearing or a bail hearing, or your case could go off the rails and you could pay the price.

You need to ensure you have your right protected if you are arrested and charged in this state. If your case involves white collar crimes such as credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, accounting fraud or other fraud crime, embezzlement or any financial crime, we are here to offer our professional legal services. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to craft a defense case that is compelling, persuasive, and could greatly increase the potential of a favorable outcome.

We know the courts, the system and the law. Call upon our firm for the legal counsel you need on your side. Call (713) 234-6065 today!

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    T.T. Williams

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    L. Ogun

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