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If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged, you have real reason to be concerned. The Conroe Police Department is large; they have 111 sworn officers, 40 civilian employees, and 11 Reserve Officers and many local volunteers. They have the objective of keeping the citizens of Conroe safe. They are aggressive in pursuing those that they believe are engaged in criminal activities in the town. There are a great number of theft crimes that take place in the area between the 75 and N 1st Street and they are on patrol to try to reduce these crimes.

Whether you are facing a DWI, are facing charges in a misdemeanor or felony drug crime, or are accused of committing any theft crime or violent crime, you can expect fairly harsh treatment, and should not expect to have anyone that believes your side of the story. You must have a powerful lawyer on your side that knows the law, knows criminal defense, and how to prepare a compelling and well-presented case, and has an extensive record of success at trial.

At the Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC, we offer outstanding experience and credentials to those in the Conroe area that are accused of being involved in criminal activities of any type.

Former Prosecutor on Your Side in Court

Our lead and founding attorney, Ibrahim Khawaja, as the former Chief Prosecutor of County Criminal Court at Law #6. He has served and managed literally thousands of criminal cases, and has an impressive understanding of every aspect of the criminal justice process. This can be of value to you in your criminal charges, as he knows how to present a persuasive case to a jury, and has the courtroom experience you need on your side, whether you are facing a DWI, a violent crime charge of assault, battery, domestic violence, or serious felony offenses such as manslaughter or murder.

Having an attorney by your side that is focused strictly on you, your future and your defense is the best move in any such case. If the criminal accusations involve the use of a weapon, the situation is even more dangerous. The Texas Penal Code has enhanced penalties for violent crimes that involve the use of firearms or other weapons. Don't take a risk and get representation from an attorney with little trial experience – you need a criminal defense lawyer that is prepared to help you fight back with professional skill, as you will find at our firm.

Defense Against Drug Charges

We represent people just like you who are accused of committing drug crimes that involve cocaine, codeine, ecstasy, the illegal possession of prescription drugs or sale of these drugs, marijuana, possession, manufacturing & drug trafficking, and all misdemeanor and felony drug crimes. You may have been the victim of a serious error by law enforcement including illegal search & seizure, police misconduct or other issue that could allow for a full dismissal of your charges, a reduced charge or could be an issue exposed to the court when pursuing an acquittal. We are highly qualified to negotiate on your behalf; many of those who work in the D.A.'s office are familiar to us. We know how the process works and how to take action to gain any possible benefit to you in your case.

Enlist Aggressive Representation

If you are accused of committing internet crimes, or if your son or daughter is facing charges of juvenile crimes, or the legal problem you face involves sex crimes, such as sexual assault, rape, or a case of possession or distribution of child pornography, we are the firm to call to take action for you. We also are called upon to defend charges of theft crimes, shoplifting and all types of white collar crimes.

Your choice of Conroe criminal defense lawyers can be the most significant decision of your life – don't make a mistake, call upon a highly qualified, committed and talented legal team that has the skills to help you. The first step is to have all the evidence that led to your arrest fully reviewed for errors in police procedure, including the police stop, any search, the sequence of events in the obtaining of items from your home or car or other area, and the background of those who will be testifying against you.

We know the process, and have had impressive results through our hard work and dedication to our clients. We can help you too. Call today: (713) 234-6065.

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    L. Ogun

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    S. Cole

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    T.T. Williams

  • “Was very honest and let me know what I needed to do to dismiss my case and got me plenty of time to do it.”

    S. Dobrinen

  • “Great attorney, he is confident in his abilities and passionate about his work.”

    D. Zavala

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  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. F.A.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. F.D.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. G.S.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. J.P.S.
  • Disposition:Dismissed (DISM) The State of Texas vs. J.W.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. K.M.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. M.W.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. S.B.M.
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. T.J.
  • Disposition:Dismissed (DISM) The State of Texas vs. W.V.D.

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