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Are you facing criminal charges?

Fort Bend County has certain communities with violent crime rates that have County and City leaders concerned. There is a great deal of focus by law enforcement to reduce the crime rate and to identify, arrest and convict those who are engaged in criminal activities, or are involved in the illegal drug trade, violent crimes and DWI, and others. The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office reports that they have successfully reduced the crime rate by 5% and are focused on continuing this trend.

The crime statistics for the County indicate that in 2011 there were 8 murders, 56 rapes, 117 robberies, 694 assaults, 1509 burglaries, 2309 burglaries and 247 theft crimes.

Law enforcement is heavily involved in reducing these numbers further, and if you have been arrested and charged, or are under scrutiny in a criminal investigation, you need to ensure you have legal representation with a high level of skill on your side at once. Contact a Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer from the Khawaja Law Firm, PLLC if you are in trouble with the law.

Our lead attorney, Ibrahim Khawaja, has been named as one of Houston's "Top Lawyers" by H Magazine for four consecutive years (from 2011 through 2014). His experience at trial and background as the Chief Prosecutor for Harris County allows for great insight into how to craft a defense strategy that increases the possibility of avoiding conviction, or could allow for a case dismissal or reduced charge. Our talented defense team is prepared to offer assistance to the criminally accused in a wide range of criminal charges.

Protect Your Rights

The firm is focused upon criminal defense law, and whether you are facing charges of assault, battery, domestic violence or other violent crime, it is imperative that you get the qualified help you need from a qualified Fort Bend criminal lawyer from our firm. The first action we will take is a full analysis of every detail of your case. In many cases that appear cut-and-dried, we have been able to identify serious rights violations, police errors, illegal search & seizure and other issues that can be exposed to the court and allow for a great advantage for the defense, either in a case dismissal, reduced charge or other gain.

Fighting Drug Charges

Our firm represents those who are accused of a variety of drug crimes, including charges involving cocaine, codeine, ecstasy, cases of accusations of illegal possession of prescription drugs, marijuana charges as well as possession, manufacturing & drug trafficking. There is a great deal of law enforcement attention on drug crimes in the area, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to criminal charges that are often very serious. How your case is managed will have a great deal to do with the final outcome.

You need a skilled legal professional on your side fighting for you, or you could become another statistic – even if you are completely innocent and had nothing to do with the crime. Texas is known for its harsh criminal justice system, and innocent people have been incarcerated in countless cases. Don't risk your future freedom. Take action at once if you have been charged or are being investigated in a drug crime case.

Enlist Aggressive Representation for Your Case

Our firm also defends against all types of DWI charges, whether a first time misdemeanor DWI charge, or more serious DWI related offenses, including felony offenses such as vehicular manslaughter. We represent the accused in internet crimes, juvenile crimes and in the most serious felony charges such as manslaughter, murder and sex crimes such as rape and cases involving the distribution, possession or production of child pornography. If your charges involve theft crimes such as misdemeanor or felony shoplifting, burglary or robbery, you must get legal representation immediately. If we can get involved in your case prior to your arraignment, it may be possible to identify problems with the case early enough to avoid formal charges being filed against you.

Those who are accused of white collar crimes such as credit card fraud, insurance fraud, bank or mortgage fraud, embezzlement, accounting fraud or other financial crimes will face very heavy penalties if convicted. How your defense case is presented could not be more important. We have access to highly respected expert witnesses, such as forensic accountants, computer experts and others to bring to the case for the support of our defense case. We know the justice system, we know the law, and we are committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for every case we take on.

Call us today at (713) 234-6065 or contact us online to get more information about how we can help you. We are accessible, professional and prepared to act fast for you.

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    L. Ogun

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  • Disposition: Dismissed (DISM) The State of Texas vs. M.T.G
  • Disposition: Dismissed(DISM) The State of Texas vs. J.R.
  • Disposition: Dismissed (DISM) The State of Texas vs. A.M.J.
  • Disposition: Dismissed (DISM) The State of Texas vs. B.B.
  • Disposition: DEFERRED ADJUDICATION OF GUILT The State of Texas vs. B.L.J.
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