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Prescription Drug Criminal Charges

Prescription Drug Criminal Charges

Prescription drugs are a tool that sick people rely on for their health and recovery, and the government is careful to regulate that these drugs are in the proper hands in the right amounts. There are instances however, where others illegally get a hold of these medications and either personally uses them or sells them in order to make a profit. This is a high level crime in the state of Texas and if a person is convicted it can result in up to 20 years in prison with expensive fines and probation. Illegal possession of prescription drugs also will remain on a person’s criminal record permanently, and this can greatly affect the possibilities of employment, education, etc. in the future. Accusations for drug crimes do not only involve illegal possession, it can include writing faulty prescriptions, and purchasing or selling over the internet.

Influenced by the media, the public often considers drug crimes to be street, or mobster type crimes to commit, but that is not the only possibility. In events like this it is often medical professionals of some sort that are being accused for illegal charges regarding prescription drugs, such as doctors, nurses, and staff members. Being constantly around prescription drugs too can be tempting for those who have addiction problems in their past or present. There are many circumstances in which people are addicted to medications and will do anything to get more without really seeing that they are breaking rules to do so. If you or someone you know has been convicted of this sort of criminal charge, contact a lawyer that has experience with cases involving prescription drugs. An attorney will be able to research your case and speak with friends, family and coworkers who will vouch for you. This may be a difficult time, but it doesn’t mean that you must fight alone, contact the criminal defense attorney that you deserve at Khawaja Law Firm in Houston, Texas!


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