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Field Sobriety Tests

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After being pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI), the highway patrol officer will ask you to take a series of field sobriety tests (FST). What you will not be told is field sobriety tests are not used to see if you are drunk or sober. Instead, police officers knowingly use FSTs to determine how drunk you may be without needing to rely on breath or blood tests, which may require a warrant to conduct.

Did you get convinced to take a field sobriety test and wound up arrested for a DWI?

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Different Types of Field Sobriety Tests

The police have a variety of field sobriety tests they can try to use to gather enough evidence to confidently make a DWI arrest. Make no mistake: none of them are supposed to prove your sobriety.

Some of the most popular FSTs used by police in Texas are:

  • One-leg stand: You are told to stand on one leg for an extended period of time. This FST does not account for how the strain or a preexisting injury could make it difficult to complete.
  • Walk-and-turn: You are told to walk a straight line with your hands out, turn around, and do it again. This FST can be unreasonably difficult in the dark, or where the ground is uneven.
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus test: This is the scientific name for a test that involves shining a light in your eye and asking you to follow a pen tip without moving your head. The test results are notoriously difficult to analyze with trustworthy accuracy.
  • Pocket breathalyzer: You are told to breathe into a small breathalyzer unit which may or may not be calibrated well. Large-scale breathalyzers in police stations are generally more accurate.

What all of these FSTs have in common is the fact that they are most likely optional. You can refuse to take an optional sobriety test without immediately legal consequence. If you are not confident taking a field sobriety test will help you, then you can ask if it is optional or mandatory and make your decision based on the response. In many situations, refusing an optional test can be helpful, but refusing a mandatory test is rarely beneficial.

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