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Know Your Rights

When you were arrested for a crime, you may have been ready to give up hope of clearing your name before the case ever went to trial. If you are the suspect in a criminal investigation, and especially when you know of evidence that could lead to a conviction, it may appear that you have no way out and that a guilty verdict is inevitable.

It is vital to speak with a hard-hitting and knowledgeable attorney who has experience representing individuals in your situation, because no matter what evidence there is against you, your legal rights may allow you to successfully defend the case.

If you have been arrested, it is crucial to know that you have the right to:

  • Remain silent
  • Retain immediate legal counsel
  • Retain the counsel of a public defender if you cannot afford a lawyer
  • Know what charges are brought against you
  • Have an attorney present in any interviews with law enforcement or the prosecution
  • End your interview at any point
  • Be presumed innocent until the prosecution proves your guilt
  • Confront and cross-examine any witnesses who testify against you
  • Present evidence for your defense and call witnesses for your case
  • A fair trial
  • A speedy trial
  • Refuse to make a statement

Were your rights violated?

In the United States, any defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and you have rights under the Constitution that may give you the opportunity to clear your name and resolve the case swiftly. You cannot be arrested without probable cause, and your property cannot be searched without a legal warrant. In addition, the police officer who arrested you is required by law to read you the list of Miranda Rights, such as the right to remain silent and the right to speak with an attorney.

If you believe your rights have been violated in any way or if you have been denied any of your rights under the law, do not hesitate to retain the counsel and advocacy of a knowledgeable defense team. Our firm is absolutely committed to upholding the rights of our clients, and we will ensure you receive the powerful legal voice you deserve and need to challenge the allegations made against you.

Get Help Fighting Your Charges!

A large percentage of criminal defense cases that end favorably for the defendant are the result of the attorney's in depth knowledge and skilled utilization of the available legal rights. For example, even if the arresting officer discovered marijuana in the suspect's vehicle during a traffic stop, if the search was an illegal search & seizure, as defined by the Fourth Amendment, the entire case may be thrown out on the basis of illegally obtained evidence. Similarly, you cannot be required to testify against yourself in a criminal investigation.

Speak with an attorney from Khawaja Law Firm PLLC to learn more about what rights will apply in your case and how we can help you work to avoid a conviction.

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    S. Dobrinen

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